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Get Schooled by AI: Use cases of Chatbots for Education

Chatbots applications in education: A systematic review

educational chatbots

Some math professors believe artificial intelligence, when used correctly, could help strengthen math instruction. And it’s arriving at a time when math scores are at a historic low and educators are questioning if math should be taught differently. According to the Stanford report written by Huyen Nguyen and Lucio Dery, from the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University, NLP chatbots had an 81% correlation with a human grader.

educational chatbots

They are characterized by engaging learners in a dialog-based conversation using AI (Gulz et al., 2011). The design of CPAs must consider social, emotional, cognitive, and pedagogical aspects (Gulz et al., 2011; King, 2002). Chatbots serve as valuable assistants, optimizing resource allocation in educational institutions. By efficiently handling repetitive tasks, they liberate valuable time for teachers and staff. As a result, schools can reduce the need for additional support staff, leading to cost savings. This cost-effective approach ensures that educational resources are utilized efficiently, ultimately contributing to more accessible and affordable education for all.

Evaluation studies

“AI chatbots can address this issue to an extent but engineering programmes will have to invest in teaching writing. The most common use of chatbots reported in the Nature survey was to refine text (63%). The fields with the highest reported chatbot use were engineering (44%) and the social sciences (41%). Postdocs biomedical and clinical sciences were less likely to use AI chatbots for work (29%). This limitation was necessary to allow us to practically begin the analysis of articles, which took several months.


In short, educational chatbots can be customized for each stage and student’s learning and working rhythms, whether in early childhood or higher education. Furthermore, chatbots in higher education (and at other educational stages) ‘collaborate’ with students when doing university work. For example, if added to school libraries, software bots would instantly deliver hard-to-find digital resources or help students learn how to access information.

Our Clients’ Feedback

Higher education chatbot helps to understand student requirements through personalized conversation and offers courses accordingly. Apart from that, the education bot also responds to all payment-related queries in real time thus eliminating longer waiting times. As for the qualitative findings, firstly, even though the perception of learning did not show much variation statistically, the EC group showed additional weightage that implicates group activities, online feedback, and interaction with the lecturer as impactful. Interestingly, the percentage of students that found “interaction with lecturer” and “online feedback and guidance” for the EC was higher than the control group, and this may be reflected as a tendency to perceive the chatbot as an embodiment of the lecturer.

Western Europe: Country category winners 2023 – Euromoney magazine

Western Europe: Country category winners 2023.

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To maximize the benefits and mitigate the challenges of chatbots, schools should combine their use with guidance and supervision from teachers. This blended approach ensures a well-rounded education experience that combines the strengths of both AI and human interaction. We know timely formative feedback can help students learn (Metcalfe, 2017). However, providing frequent quality feedback requires much time and effort from you and your teaching team.

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